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Four Questions, The

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What unique power does the night of Pesach hold that it can inspire even the most distant soul and touch even the most stubborn skeptic?
When Gershon Ber Schiff finally emigrated from Russia, he was excited to be spending Passover with the Rebbe. When the Rebbe called an unscheduled farbrengen on the first day of the festival, he realized just how much it meant to the Rebbe, too. (1971)
A collection of scenes of the Rebbe encouraging children to recite the Mah Nishtana, or Four Questions.
20 Adar II, 5749 • March 27, 1989
May your entire family have good preparations for a wonderful Passover. All the children who are old enough should prepare the four questions for the Seder.
The themes of the month of Nissan, and especially of Passover, comprise the fundamentals of Judaism. Accordingly, the Exodus from Egypt, and the messages of the holiday, must be applied not just once a month, but during every single day of a Jew’s life.
On Passover night, before conducting his own Seder, the Rebbe would visit the Seders at a number of educational institutions in Crown Heights. Rabbi Moshe and Mindy Feller, Shluchim to Minnesota, would lead the Seder at the Machon Chana Yeshiva for Women ...
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