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Moshiach and the Future Redemption

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How the technological advances of recent times are connected to approach of the Messianic Era
Sometimes it all seems so hopeless. You can feed a hungry child, yet millions more remain hungry. For every good deed you do, so many evil deeds are committed . . .
The splitting of the Red Sea, Jordan and Euphrates Rivers
We’re familiar with the story of the Exodus and how, when the Jewish nation was trapped between the Egyptians and the Red Sea, the sea miraculously split. What is perhaps less known is that when the Jews were about to enter Israel, G‑d again performed a m...
What will the world be like in the messianic era? What is the meaning a “new Torah” being revealed in the times of Moshiach? Will Mitzvah observance be the same? In a perfected world, which the messianic era will usher in, what will be the objective of do...
Join Michael Chighel for tasty and engaging café conversations on various topics related to Moshiach and the future redemption.
Moshiach has to be a scion of the House of David of the ‘Kingdom of Judah’. But why can he not be a descendent of the ‘Kingdom of Joseph’? Indeed even Judah bowed to Joseph acknowledging his authority? In this class a profound debate in the Talmud is evok...
Why we faithfully await and anticipate his coming
Drawing on an array of classical sources, this class sets out to clearly define the essence of the Torah mandated faith in global redemption to be brought about by an anointed Jewish King. Clarifying exactly what we are supposed to believe in and why this...
Judaism's Real-World Utopia
The idea of Moshiach (Messiah) and the Messianic Redemption is one of the pillars of Jewish faith. Yet the topic is often fraught with misconceptions. Some are even surprised to learn that Moshiach is a Jewish concept.
There's a pattern here, and it could be leading somewhere.
History works in strange, upside-down ways. Especially lately.
Principally, his vision was of the future—a future he believed to be imminent and that would change the world forever.
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