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Failings, Mistakes, Debacles

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How to deal with anxiety and worry, depression and self-pity, nagging guilt, feelings of inadequacy and self-blame. Only once liberated from all the above can the soul soar freely.
What your computer's buttons can teach you about yourself
Many understand repentance, Teshuvah, as a radical change in one's behavior or an importation of something foreign--to "Copy and Paste."
Do I detect a hint of snobbery in the polite lady's automated voice as she patiently informs me that she is "recalculating" (yes, I'm not even good at following spoon-fed instructions)? Perhaps she's really thinking to herself, "You poor idiot..."
Have you ever asked yourself—or anyone else: If you could live your life all over again, what different choices would you make?
G-d gaves us one day a year when we celebrate our humanity.
Continuing in the Kabbalistic eXtreme Sports series, Rabbi Infinity demonstrates the deeper meaning behind running up walls and jumping off cliffs. The mantra: Turn downward impact into forward motion.
She looks at me with those large brown eyes. There’s a hint of sadness, doubt, and even fear. She averts her gaze, trying to deny her act, as if she’s trying to take it back.
The alcoholic in recovery can easily understand that there is a special quality of wisdom that comes about only after all else has failed.
Ever wonder what if Adam would have responded differently after he ate the forbidden fruit?
Illuminating the Month of Kislev
So “hitting rock bottom” is not the worst thing after all . . . it is only once we reach the bottom that we can actually be present to the new reality we are faced with. Only when we become present to a reality can we begin to mov...
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