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This week's Torah portion teaches the Laws of Tzitzit: In Chassidic circles it is customary for men to begin wearing the Tallit at marriage, what is the connection between marriage and the Tallit?
Are we dating right? Discover how to refine your search for love.
This class spells out in great detail the halachic workings of the Jewish wedding and its spiritual and kabbalistic components.
Discover the true meaning of “an eye for an eye” and ideals of Jewish justice. Learn about the process of a Get (Jewish bill of divorce) and women’s rights in light of Jewish law.
What are our customs at a Jewish wedding? Where do these customs stem from?
A basic analysis of education; providing more than just knowledge to bolster intelligence, but also moral strength to build character.
The Chupah Canopy
Relationships imply connection. The Jewish mystics describe a formula whereby the deepest of connections is forged through a seemingly shallow connection. But when seen through a larger lens, it is the smaller stuff that so often leads to the bigger stuff...
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