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When should we say "the world was created for my sake" and when should we say "I am but dust and ashes"?
I have been duly chiding myself, ever-reminding myself that my accomplishments are only possible by G‑d’s good grace, and, if so, why should I feel any more accomplished than the guy next door?
Worship of Celebrity
Today's society reveres famous people just for being famous. What is the difference between celebrityhood and true leadership?
This woman was comforting me because she thought I was crying out of pain, the logical reason to cry after an accident like this. And yet, here I was crying because of the way I would look the next day...
An “ish tov”—good man
My father gave me a huge hug and kiss like only he could, and then we walked out to the parking lot. As he began driving, my father told me how proud he was of me for playing so well. What he said next taught me a life lesson that I have never forgotten ....
The purity of the mind may only come through the neshamah-soul.
The purity of the mind may only come through the neshamah-soul.
True humility is not feeling worthless or inferior. True smallness is what happens when a person stops thinking, “What will be with me?” and instead thinks, “What am I needed for?” And now there is space for joy to enter.
What did that mean, “discarding expectations”? Every situation results in some sort of outcome; positive or negative, we have to expect that something is going to happen. Besides, I was always taught that expectations can play a key role in life—expect go...
A deeper examination of the nature of humility and self-assertion reveals that not only are they not mutually exclusive qualities, but that indeed one cannot operate without the other.
Return: Five Paths for Getting Closer to G-d - Lesson 6
The importance of preserving modesty in our most intimate relationship.
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