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Struggle, Challenge & Adversity

Knowledge Base » Human Being, The » Psychology & Behavior » Struggle, Challenge & Adversity
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Effort (51)
Judaism teaches us that G–d is Master of the universe, whose omnipotent power is not limited in time and space. Moreover, G–d is the source of goodness and He desires His human creatures to live a life based on justice, morality and, insofar as Jews are c...
My spiritual life has come to a standstill. Every time I try to take a step forward, I hit a hurdle. I have committed to observing Shabbat, and now I’m having trouble at work. I’ve started keeping kosher, but my family is seriously resisting. It seems my ...
The smooth and easy times may be pleasant, but the riches of life come when things take hard work.
If all the great sages, mystics, and holy people of the past generations were unable to bring Moshiach in their lifetimes, how can we imagine we will be able to make it happen?
Where is the meat?
You are one of the luckiest people around. Selfish desires or sinful thoughts? That's fantastic!
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