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Conversion (to Judaism); Convert

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Gate of Reincarnations: Chapter Thirty-Four, Section 3b
Through his learning he sweetened the Severities and changed them to Kindnesses, thereby creating souls for converts.
What is the family relationship of a convert to Judaism to his parents who are not Jewish?
Once an evangelical pastor, Yaakov Parisi shares the fascinating story of his lifelong journey to becoming Jewish. Recorded at Chabad of Oxford University.
Jethro's arrival and conversion was a crucial preparation for the giving of the Torah.
Jethro's arrival and conversion was a crucial preparation for the giving of the Torah.
A Faith Journey
One part of our Sunday church service referred to “our brothers and sisters, the Jews.” I asked my Irish mother about Jews at one time, and she smiled and told me that the Jews were very special people with a special connection to G-d
My Journey as a Convert
My journey has taken me from my grandfather's primitive Baptist Church in Arkansas, to an ashram in the Catskills, and finally to Orthodox Judaism...
The Holtzbergs’ role in Bhagirath Prasad’s long journey home
The storm began when at eighteen, Bhagirath, emerging from his sheltered childhood, began to question his religious roots. Every home he’d visit boasted several idols . . .
My mother was Protestant and my father was an atheist Jew. My family survived the holocaust in Europe with great struggle. Am I Jewish or am I a gentile?
Question: I have been in the midst of converting to Judaism for three years now, and the process is taking much longer than I had ever anticipated. I am willing to wait and be patient as long as I know that it is for a purpose, but all the procrastination...
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