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Why does a One G‑d need more than one name?
Moshe Question: Why have Jews survived through the ages while other civilizations and religions have come and gone? Answer: Truly, by all accounts the Jews should have long faded into their place on the bookshelf of history, like all other once-great nati...
According to the Talmud (Baba Batra 91a This fascinating section of the Talmud also contains the names of the mothers of three other biblical figures: David, Samson and Haman.), our father Abraham's mother's name was Amtilai the daughter of Karnevo. Best ...
Since we were given the mitzvah of tzitzit in Abraham's merit, we wear the tallit specifically for "his" prayer--Shacharit...
How much is five shekels in modern currency? And why does the firstborn child "cost" five silver shekels, why not ten or fifty?
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