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What inspires one man to stand up and say the truth to a room full of uncaring politicians? Politicians who voted for a resolution so one-sided that even Judge Goldstone condemned it!
If the Torah's description of Noah's righteousness can be understood both ways, why do the sages propose a negative interpretation?
If the world stubbornly refuses to be saved, does that excuse me from continuing to try?
Lyrics: The people watched Noach while he hammered away He worked on the teivah night and day Hashem told him to do it, so people would ask "What are you building, It’s a hard task." Noach explained that teshuvah you must do There are many evil things aro...
To touch some of heaven’s radiance, then curve gracefully back towards the earth in a glorious ray of colors that are manmade reflections of G‑d’s truth and hope for mankind . . .
Only when something has established its spiritual truth in relation to G-d does its beauty become meaningful. Something is beautiful because it is true and not true because it is beautiful.
What lesson is there in seeing evil, observing another person's sin?
The waters of the flood are like the waters of a ritualarium -- a mikveh -- where the waters spiritually cleanse the dross that accumulates in the course of our life's endeavors. The world received a spiritual cleansing, and this set the course of history...
His faith may have been bit wobbly in the knees. But he got the job done. My kind of hero
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