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Millions worldwide watched in awe as the lunar module raced through space. People held their breaths at what was seen as the almost impossible mission. But many religious people felt disoriented...
Imagine if you could turn your very worst liabilities into your most precious assets--using both cutting edge science and state-of-the-art religion, i.e., Judaism
People intuitively equate "normal" with good. In fact, normal is very bad. A person achieves normalcy when the molecules that comprised his being are in thermodynamic equilibrium with the environment, which is to say he is dust
Is there any evidence that the supernatural exists, or has any bearing on our lives? Does the word "supernatural" even mean anything, other than "I don't understand this (yet)"?
In which I get a lesson in quantum mechanics from a rogue physicist trading in Kazakhstani warheads and high mathematics...
In which I unearth a historical transcript of a 1926 Copenhagen-Berlin phone conversation between Neils Bohr and Erwin Schrodinger...
Physicists are looking for ten dimensions. The Kabbalists speak of ten spheres of reality. And yesterday I bought my 10-year-old daughter ten bicycles
Physical and spiritual energy link up in the heart
Physical and spiritual energy link up in the heart
The Mystery of Matter, a three-part series
It’s hard to say that matter is an illusion. But maybe it just isn’t as real as we think it is.
If we map time, will we see where it’s leading us?
Does time, as well, have a topography?
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