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How rationalism and mysticism collaboratively communicate the Midrashic core of cosmic purpose
Why did G-d create the world? What is the purpose of the mitzvot? Chabad Chassidism integrates rationalist and mystical approaches with a distinctly Midrashic orientation, so that the intimate essence of G-d can openly resonate in the place of otherness.
The Second Annual Sir Isaiah Berlin Lecture at Chabad of Oxford
In Isaiah Berlin's 1962 essay, The Purpose of Philosophy, he wrote that enlightenment philosophers were tormented by the same ancient questions as their ancestors "in Greece and Rome and Palestine." He clearly believed that the Jews of ancient Israel had ...
Tentative remarks on Wittgenstein's religious and cultural philosophy
Ludwig Wittgenstein, is widely regarded as the greatest philosopher of the 20th century. He was not raised as a Jew but his family had a Jewish background, and a tentative case can be made that Jewish resonance can be detected in the formulation of his id...
Philosophy in Maimonides' Legal Code
Although Maimonides' Mishneh Torah is a codification of Jewish law (halacha), we find places in this work where Maimonides addresses philosophical or theological ideas as well. Textual analysis of Maimonides' Hilchos Yesodei HaTorah (Laws [which are] the ...
The Philosophy of Judaism and Joy
Professor William Kolbrener tells his personal story of spiritual growth and asks the deep philosophical question, "Can you be Jewish and still follow your bliss?"
A Conversation with Prof. Yitzchok Block
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Dr. Yitzchok Block, answers deep questions about the origins of the universe, the meaning of life and the uniqueness of Jewish belief.
The interplay of positivity and negativity in the context of Jewish history and Sefirat Haomer.
If you love someone because he or she is beautiful, intelligent or kind, who do you really love? A lesson in Jewish commitment to our traditions.
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