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Work; Achievement

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"Mom? We're at the store, and you wrote down 'eggs.' But did you want regular, extra large, jumbo, organic, fertile, or free-range?"
My Grandmother, the Doctor
This was back in 1965, when women doctors were indeed a rarity, and Miss Flanagan could not conceive of them at all...
The Midwife of Over 30,000 Babies
With 46 years of midwifery experience and over 30,000 babies under her belt, Mrs. Deevon is almost certainly the most prolific and senior midwife in all of Israel...
For the first time in my life, there is no visible record of my accomplishments. In fact, when done well, it is impossible to perceive parenting being done at all...
I am significantly younger than a lot of my co-workers and those I am directing. In most cases I am young enough to be their daughter! I am not uncomfortable about it, but it clearly seems that they are...
Rabbi declines ten-million-dollar lottery prize: says it’s “against his principles.”
I received a call last week from a set of new parents trying to schedule their son's brit milah (circumcision). The boy had been born late in the afternoon, slightly before nightfall, exactly a week before the festival of Rosh Hashanah. Ideally a brit is ...
The Eishet Chayil is the Torah’s description of the ideal Jewish woman. Surprise! She is not only a supportive wife, and a loving mother, but she is also a businesswoman...
The phrase "crushing labor" appears repeatedly in the Torah's account of the Egyptian exile and enslavement, in the text of the Haggadah, and in the symbolism of the seder observances. What is crushing labor?
What is “work”? If life is synonymous with creativity, is Shabbat a time outside life? What is the deeper significance of the curious Talmudic phrase, “forty labors minus one”?
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