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Work; Achievement

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There are two forms of blessings; those provided by G‑d's universe, and those we earn by the sweat of our brow and the toil of our hands. These two forms of blessings are represented by the animal offering and the wine libation.
I understand why she has shown little interest in learning my name, or even looking me in the eye. When you're ninety-five, "honey" will do for just about anyone. She calls the teacher "honey" too. Nothing personal.
We alcoholics and addicts know all too well how fast and easy payoffs come back to haunt us. But this pertains not only to our drinking days but to our recovery as well...
Life After the Loss of a Spouse
How does one reach out to others, to give and to receive, if the very act of waking in the morning causes the pain of realizing one has loved and lost?
In June, oil was $140 a barrel. Auto manufactures were replacing gas guzzlers with go-carts. Now gas is back to around $2.45 a gallon -- I guess our economy is back to rock solid...
Question: Should I quit my job that is a source of bitterness, materialism and is taking away my spirituality, but also is a source of income that provides for me and my grandmother?My grandmother has a little pension and I provide her with another income...
We must never forget that life started to become more manageable only after we admitted that we were powerless. If any good has happened since then, it is not as a result of anything we have done...
When did G‑d stop talking to us or interacting with us, and why?
If the point of our work is in its completion, if the beautiful end result is our sought-after goal, why, then, at its completion, isn't our satisfaction enduring? Chana Weisberg muses on the role of creativity in our life, and our world.
In our world of inverted values, a person may have abandoned his third wife, be estranged from his children, have no friends and his dog ran away from him, but he's called "successful" because he makes a lot of money...
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