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Scholarship; Erudition

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The history of the evolution of laws for the kindling of the Chanukah Menorah, as detailed in manuscripts found in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
Assessing the context of the biblical corpus through the lens of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
A fascinating look at the manuscripts of Rashi found in the Bodleian Library at Oxford. Drawing conclusions from variations in the text.
A look at the development of this iconic prayer based on manuscripts housed in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, one of the largest collections of Hebraic manuscripts in the world.
An illuminating look at the Regenburg Pentateuch from 14th century Germany, housed in the Israel museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
A case study of how the close analysis of manuscripts yields new insights into the intellectual, social and cultural history of Chabad.
Maimonides' Mishneh Torah in Manuscript, Part 5
How a variation in the Oxford Manuscript of Mishneh Torah sheds light on Maimonides position on prophecy.
A Fascinating Examination of a 12th Century Haggadah
Mr. Bernard Perrin lives in Manchester, England. In the 1970’s the Rebbe commissioned him for an important project in the dissemination of Chassidism to the wider world. (1970's)
Hebrew Publishing in the Venice Ghetto and Beyond
The treasured Valmadonna Library, the greatest private collection of Hebrew books and manuscripts in private hands in the world, includes almost five hundred titles published in 16th century Venice.
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