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A Jewish view on synthetic biology
Does Torah allow or prohibit genetic engineering? What are the sources in Torah to argue either way?
Parshat Kedoshim
The reason for this prohibition is not clear. As the verse says: “You shall observe My statutes . . .” This means that this mitzvah is a “chok”—a divine statute that defies (full) comprehension.
You’ve heard of kosher food, but what about kosher clothes? Just like it is forbidden to eat a mixture of milk and meat, so too the Torah prohibits wearing a mixture of wool and linen. It’s called shatnez.
Of all the ancient laws and customs of the Jews, one of the most mysterious is that of the law forbidding shaatnez.
Abel rejoiced for the Jews, and thus offered a sheep to resemble the paschal lamb. Cain identified with Egypt, and thus offered produce.
Practical Parshah—Tetzaveh
The priestly garments were allowed to contain an admixture of wool and linen that is normally forbidden. Why is this? And why is it normally prohibited?
This class explains different kabbalistic insights for the mitzvah of shatnez; the prohibition to wear garments made with both wool and linen.
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