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Jewish Unity

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Parshah Nuggets:Vayeishev
Our father Jacob was victorious over many a formidable adversary in his lifetime. However, there was one source of opposition that he could not overcome.
Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 23
When there is discord between Jews, it is only because they fail to understand the true nature of their relationship with one another. When Jews understand that they are truly one, then all problems will automatically become resolved on their own. Guest E...
Are we many or one? Why is Jewish unity so important to Jewish survival?
with Rabbi Zushe Silberstein
At the very beginning of Yom Kippur, before Kol Nidrei, we declare: “With the sanction of the Omnipresent, and with the sanction of the congregation, by authority of the Heavenly Court, and by authority of the earthly court, we hereby grant permission to ...
The Lag B’omer rallies and parades outside 770 drew thousands of Jews from all walks of life and backgrounds. The gatherings attest to the fact that despite all our differences in language and culture, there is a single unifying force that keeps all Jews ...
By creating Adam alone, G-d teaches us that every individual is like a whole world. But this is only half the story. When the Torah requires a donation from every single Jew to connect us all as one to the work of the Holy Temple, it tells each to bring p...
The Tenth of Teves commemorates the siege of Jerusalem, the beginning of a series of events that lead to the eventual destruction of the Holy Temple and the Jews’ captivity in Babylonia.
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