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Jewish Unity

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Lessons on Sukkot From Inside a Bomb Shelter
My most potent Sukkot memory didn't happen on Sukkot at all, but it has all of the important Sukkot ingredients: unity, protection, joy, and faith...
The Meaning of Community
He knows we are not angels, because He didn’t create us to be perfect. But He did create us with the ability to connect with others and become better people . . .
A Bus Ride in Time and Perspectives
My newly acquired teacher looks deeply into my eyes. I intuitively sense that her pain is for loss of loved ones who have fought and died so that we can live here...
The night their father left town, his sons reminisced about their shared childhood, and the messages stressed in their home...
One very cold, very dark evening in the middle of a particularly brutal Canadian winter, five women huddled around a dining room table, animatedly discussing and planning, sharing a dream and a vision.
The Power of Lighting Shabbat Candles
"The very last time zone is at the furthest point on earth, which is the Aleutian Islands. And the Aleutian Islands is the very last place in the world every Friday to have the opportunity to light Shabbat candles! You and your mother have this opportunit...
Were the houses in Neve Dekalim any less of a home for their families than those in Tel Aviv or Rechovot? Or is a peaceful Shabbat meal in Ashkelon or Beer Sheva any less valuable than one in Sderot?
A Lesson on Unity
There are the quarterback and the running back, who get all the glory, the big contracts and sneaker deals. And then there are the offensive linemen who bask in anonymity.
They were coming. Tens of thousands of them, all ages and nationalities, a spectacular ocean of humanity flowing through the gates of the Old City...
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