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Lesson from Everything

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This year, the fireworks lasted. In fact they're still there, bright and colorful, turning summersaults in the sky. Let me explain how that happened...
You have to admire that guy. One plague, two plagues, they just kept coming... But he stayed the course
We strap a rocket on our back. A fiery blast of passion frees us of earth's seemingly irresistible gravity. Yet the fulfillment of our mission depends on a successful landing...
“Fools!” cried the coachman. “Do you think that I gave you to drink so that the hay you devour should be more tasty?”
Likkutei Sichos, Vol. V, p. 239ff. I. {“There is no word in the Torah that does not possess sublime [mystic] secrets and paths [of conduct] for men to follow.” Zohar, Vol. I, p. 201a.} For this reason, the Torah relates [many details] concerning [the stor...
We were brutally reminded that this world is still guided by powerful, unseen forces
Ethics 2:6
Moses, Pharaoh, Hillel, Maimonides and the Lubavitcher Rebbe on cosmic justice, the temporality of evil, the significance of chance encounters and the redeemability of the malevolent spirit.
Though motivated by an inner love and a sense of concern for the spiritual health of one's fellow, these rebukes often come in the form of a pricking needle
What can be learned from the deer, one of the symbols of Israel and an image on the IDF emblem
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