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Mitzvah Campaign, The Rebbe's

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As in so many areas of life a step-by-step process is necessary to move forward, so too in Judaism we advance one mitzvah at a time.
The sedra Deuteronomy 31. concerns the last day in the life of Moses. On this day G‑d transmitted to him the concluding passage of the Torah Scroll and he wrote this down. It was a kind of Divine "dictation". The Sages tell us Moses wrote the last twelve ...
Both the Mitzvah tanks and the Menorahs brought Jewish observances to the fore of public consciousness in a very visible way.
Commemorating the Rebbe’s Yahrtzeit
As we commemorate the Rebbe’s yahrtzeit, anniversary of passing, we reflect opon his calling to illuminate ourselves and our surroundings with the light of mitzvahs.
Through the years of the Rebbe’s leadership, he launched a total of ten campaigns which encouraged and promoted the observance of various commandments. Each campaign had a clear and obvious mission, yet the Campaign of Ahavas Yisrael -- love of one’s fell...
The Nazis did not only want to exterminate the Jews . . .
Recently, I landed a job running a country. One of my plans is to double the size of the Peace Corps. Looks like you now have your own international corps, so I'm interested if you can give me a few tips...
To produce a wunderkind, mothers and fathers will put themselves and their child through a rigorous schedule of classes, concerts, museum visits . . . But parenting is as much about who you are as about what you do.
A Home Full of Sefarim
One of the Rebbe’s special mitzvah campaigns was for every Jewish home to be “filled” with holy Torah books. Discover the immense significance and transformative capacity to this seemingly unconventional campaign.
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