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Tzniut ("modesty" in dress & behavior)

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A Study of Vashti vs. Esther
What a heroine Vashti was! No? And a disturbing thought suddenly hits me. What about Esther? Was she also "liberated"?
At each of their stops over their forty-year trek, the people made sure to erect their tents in a modest arrangement. Apparently, it was this exceptionally sensitive quality amongst them that made it impossible for Balaam to harm them.
How do we reconcile the importance of publicizing good deeds with the Jewish value of modesty?
People of the highest stature, high priests, looked for a wife from the daughters of Asher . . . Which is odd, if you think about it. Why would such a holy man pursue a wife from a neighboring tribe just because she was beautiful?
Our role as Jews is to be an example. The Torah describes us, thousands of years ago, as expressing the virtues of modesty and privacy.
Four years ago, the school decided to organize a girls' basketball team, and name it after their unorthodox uniforms...They call themselves the BCA Skirts. BCA – for Beth Chana Academy, a private Orthodox Jewish school in Orange, Connecticut. And Skirts f...
When the Russian army approached Auschwitz in the beginning of 1945, the Nazis evacuated the death camp. More than 15,000 are estimated to have died on this march . . .
I was once watching a video of a circus show. A magician came on with his assistant. He was dressed in a tux and tails, a cape, a top hat; she was barely dressed at all... What did this show say to me? It said that the man was the artist, the skilled prof...
This is a no man's land, a land where weight loss is truly a loss. I would happily trade places with my burgeoning neighbors, but I didn't make it to the third trimester...
The Impact of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka
The first thing I was shown was her picture. Unquestionably, she was a very beautiful woman. She was stunning. And yet, there was something about her that was so graceful, so royal, so holy.
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