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This sermon was delivered on Shabbat Parshat Korach, 3 Tammuz 5779, the 25th anniversary of the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe of righteous memory Around the world, Jews are commemorating the 25th yahrzeit of HaRav Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavi...
The Eternal Antagonists of the Bible
They were descendants of Reuben, mentioned in the Torah in conjunction with Korah’s rebellion. The Midrash tells us a lot more…
The common denominator of a true Jewish leaders is in seeing the value of both the community and the individual.
What, precisely, was his issue?
In the portion of Korach, we read how Korach rebelled against Moses and eventually died, swallowed alive by the earth. By all accounts, Korach was a religious man and a Torah scholar. What moved him to rebel against Moses, who was installed by G‑d as the ...
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Korach
We are not to perpetuate the memory of the wicked, as the Book of Proverbs says (10:7), “The name of the evil person shall rot.” So why is the Torah portion of Korach named for an evil person? It is because of the positive lesson we can learn from Korach....
Adam had been enjoying the splashing but was starting to feel that he was wasting his time in the shallow end with boys who didn't even know how to swim.
The same way equality with “stuff” is counterproductive, so is equality in status.
Korach the son of Yitzhar, the son of Kehat, the son of Levi took [himself to one side] along with Dathan and Aviram the sons of Eliav, and On the son of Peleth, descendants of Reuben. They assembled against Moses and Aaron, and said to them, “You take to...
Parshat Korach
The final paragraph of the Mishnah states: “Great is peace, for G‑d found no other vessel for [His] blessings other than peace.” Meaning that G‑d only sends His blessings to a family, community, country, etc., if it is in a state of peace.
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