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R. Shmuel of Lubavitch (Maharash)

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I. His sons: A. The child prodigy, gaon and tzaddik R. Avraham Sender: [Regarding him,] my father (the Rebbe Rashab) related to me: "My saintly father the Rebbe [Maharash] told me that my older brother, the gaon and tzaddik R. Avraham Sender, possessed ou...
What did Chabad contribute to the founding of the Chasidic movement?
The man was ashamed to admit that he was the sinner, he explained that a friend had committed the sins and was too embarrassed to appear before the Rebbe personally...
“How is it possible to learn and think about lofty concepts while we are busy from head to toe in business?” a disciple once lamented to the Rebbe in a private audience.
Someone once asked Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch: "What is true learning?"
"Master of the universe," muttered the secretary, "why does he exert himself so?! Every hour he needs a new change of clothes. Why does the Rebbe sweat so much?"
“Today, two people came to see me. From one, I derived great pleasure; from the other, only aggravation . . .”
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