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The Kaddish prayer is all about G-d, and says nothing about death or our loved one. Why is it that one of the most important things we can do for a departed soul is to say Kaddish? What is the significance of this prayer?
The history, meaning and laws of this sacred prayer
How to recite the mourner's kaddish with a minyan.
Without ten men, the Amida, the eighteen universal prayers, with a 19th thrown in for extra measure, could not be said out loud. Without ten men, Michael Fein, the richest Jew in town and president of the synagogue, could not say kaddish, the mourner's pr...
Question: If a mourner said Kaddish at services and then drops in to another synagogue to help complete the minyan, does he have to say Kaddish again? Response: As a rule, if you have already said a certain Kaddish and are present at a second minyan, you ...
"I could not feel worse than I already feel, Rebbetzin," Or explained. "When I spoke to her last, she was in the hospital..."
The essence of the Kaddish
The Kaddish response is meant to be said with "all the power of your mental focus." Here is a practical guide to saying each word with total mindfulness and focus.
We were doing our thing, what we were suppposed to, and no one felt like we were out of place.
Question: I have recently been reading up on how to honor the dead. I really believe that I can benefit my loved ones in the next worlds by doing good things in their honor in this one. I recently found out the dates of their deaths, and my question is: C...
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