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Hebrew vowel signs

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The Hebrew Vowel Signs
Why is the first vowel of the Torah a sh'va? Learn the inner meaning of its name, phonetic sound, and graphic design.
The Hebrew Vowel Signs
The Hebrew Vowel Signs
The Hebrew Vowel Signs
The Hebrew Vowel Signs
Design and Sefirah The cholam is a dot that rests above a letter.  When the dot is atop a vav, the vowel is comprised of both the vav and the dot. It refers to the Sefirah of Tiferes  Likkutei Torah, Vayikra, p. 6c.—beauty or mercy. In gene...
Design and Sefirah The sh’va is displayed as two dots, one on top of the other. The sh’va embodies the spiritual aspect of Gevurah  Or HaTefillah, vol. 1, p. 8.—judgment and discipline. According to the Tikkunei Zohar,  P. 7b. the sh’v...
Design and Sefirah The segol represents the Sefirah of Chessed  Or HaTefillah, vol. 1, p. 8.—kindness—and is displayed as a triangle of three dots: right, left and center. Gematria The numerical value of the segol is thirty. Meaning The Jew...
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