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This is the same courageous Jacob who was willing to stand up to murderous Esau and claim the blessings that were rightfully his. Even he was afraid to venture into uncharted grounds of immorality and sin; he hesitated at the thought of raising a family i...
The closer G‑d brings us to Him, the more keenly aware of our own utter nothingness that should make us.
If G‑d really wants us to do His will, it's natural for us to wonder why He doesn't make it easier for us. If He expects us to have impeccable standards, why doesn't he remove all temptation from our path?
This is not a question about why people choose to do evil or why evil is visited on the innocent. It is a broader question. Why did G‑d create evil and what purpose does it serve?
We view our disease as having its own personality, an internal addict that values selfishness and gratification. It is the older twin, big and strong, a hunter and an outlaw.
Kabbalah Toons: Episode XVI
Keep your head in the sky…and feet firmly on the ground.
Jacob was in a difficult moment in his life. He, himself would have been the first to admit it, but he refused to get depressed or lose hope...
Our forefather Jacob was later given an additional name -- Israel, Genesis 35:10. which is why the Jews, his children, are referred to by both names. The two names represent different virtues, both which are inherent within each Jew, and are exhibited at ...
After all others failed, Rachel successfully persuaded G-d to eventually bring her children back from their exiled lands. What merit did she have which swayed G-d?
The three periods in Jacob’s life—Hebron, Haran and Egypt—as guideposts through three modes of living: how to exploit transcendent “moments of truth,” how to exhilarate in struggle, and how to exist under subjugation.
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