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Arousal from Above & Arousal from Below

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I wanted to create something beautiful, something perfect, and now it was ruined. But I neglected to consider one important question: Whose party is this, anyway?
You're sitting in your room and meditating when you hear a voice. Is it the real thing? Is it another of your roommate's pranks? Or just your imagination running wild? How to know?
Look up with a smile. He will smile back at you.
An historic controversy arose between the Rabbis and sectarians as to the meaning of the command: "And you shall count unto you from the morrow after the Shabbat." Although the Rabbis proved their case, why did the Torah use a word so open to misinterpret...
They entered me like tiny pieces of a puzzle that found the space, or impression, that was carved exactly to fit their dimensions. Then they would snap together, forming sentences and paragraphs and concepts...
On the difference between Egypt and the Holy Land, and the inner significance of the Plague of Hail
Granted, Mount Sinai was no Everest. But G-d was coming down all the way from the heavens—couldn’t He have descended another few thousand feet, instead of making an octogenarian sage climb a mountainside?
One morning, just before daybreak, the stranger took the people to the edge of the valley, and when the early morning breezes drove away the dark clouds, they saw far off in the distance, as if illuminated by a flash of lightning, a green-covered plateau ...
The year that followed was truly a year of miracles, not the least of which was a visit by Elijah the Prophet
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