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Festivals, The

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Is the Yom Tov Sheini an anachronism?
Question: I understand that in ancient times the rabbis decreed that Jews in the Diaspora should celebrate holidays for two days, because of some confusion about the correct day to celebrate. Nowadays, however, we have a fixed calendar, so why do we still...
The holidays are called moadim in Hebrew, from the word moed, which also means “appointment.”
The “Second Passover” is observed on the fourteenth of Iyar. The origin of this semi-holiday is quite fascinating . . .
Do you work in order to holiday, or do you holiday in order to work?
Holiday audio classes, songs and MP3 downloads to help you prepare for the Jewish Holidays
Take a journey through the Jewish Calendar and learn more about the significance of the customs and practices of Jewish Holidays.
The Jewish year, with its holidays and fast days, is a cycle of recurring spiritual influences, with each year bringing a new dimension to the cycle. These essays highlight the spiritual message of the holidays, showing the connection between the historic...
Push yourself to your limits and beyond, and if you do it with all the integrity and devotion and goodness of your Jewish soul and your Jewish body, there you will find G-d
A parable by the Chassidic sage Rabbi Yechezkel Panet illuminates the geography of the Jewish calendar
In Judaism, the natural and the miraculous are not a dichotomy
But I have observed that some boxes of Neronim come with metal “lids,” specially designed to raise the candle above the troublesome spike.
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