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Hakhel Year

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There’s no such thing as history in Judaism. The last message that Moses imparted to his people demonstrates this point.
A Lesson on Unity
There are the quarterback and the running back, who get all the glory, the big contracts and sneaker deals. And then there are the offensive linemen who bask in anonymity.
Certainly, we can be well-informed about politics without ever joining in a rally. Yet when actually going out and joining physically with other people, something takes place that is unique...
Every seven years – following the shemitah year – is a hakhel year; marked in Temple times by the king reading the Torah before all on Sukkot. Discover its significance and relevance today.
The Rebbe points out that every one of us must be a clarion call for gathering, just like every priest was to herald Hakhel in the Temple.
When the Temple stood in Jerusalem, every seven years all Jewish men women and children would ascend the Temple Mount to hear the king of Israel read the Torah in fulfillment of the verse, “Assemble the people, men, women, and children… in order that they...
An address to children on Sukkos in the year of Hakhel: During the year of Hakhel, Jews make every effort to assemble together. Jewish children are specifically included in this Mitzvah in the Torah, and you must serve as an example to others. Even though...
Even as the war rages on, the bakery in Dnipro, Ukraine, has been open, providing livelihood for dozens of families.
Why were we given the command to gather every seven years right when Moses was about to pass away?
Find out how much you really know about Hakhel!
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