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Life Cycles

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Educating our children is not an easy task. What is the best way to educate our children and place them on the right path? How can my child honor his/her parents whilte still sharing a friendship together? Explore these topics and more…
What is unique about circumcision that G-d commanded it be performed on the eighth day following birth? Should we not wait for the child to decide at his own will to be circumcised? Explore the dynamics of Brit Milah – the law of circumcision.
The first story in human history is a story we all know: Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Yet, it requires further study to uncover its deeper meaning and significance.
A thought-provoking parenting lecture on how to help our children with the challenge of intermarriage. Join Rabbi Eliezer Shemtov, author of “Dear Rabbi, Why Can't I Marry Her? A dialogue on Intermarriage”, for an informative discussion on this important ...
The Mysteries of Innocence
Children are the mark of innocence: pure, uncorrupted, and unjaded. There's a special bond that exists between a parent and a young child. A parent treasures the opportunities to connect with a pure soul, a snapshot of heaven. Examine the way parents inte...
The laws of one who is dying - Watching the deceased body
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