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Life Cycles

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"Gate of Reincarnations": Chapter Seven, Section 6
Time is irrelevant to the growth of Level Two souls.
Redeeming the Firstborn Son
Pidyon Haben: We are commanded to “redeem” firstborn sons after they reach 30 days of age. What is the significance of this rite, and how is it done?
The Jewish Traditions & Practice relating to Death and Mourning
Our tradition encompasses all of life, day and night, light and dark. Even in the most difficult of situations--the imminent and then actual loss of a loved one--our Torah is there to strengthen us, to guide us, and to help us grow and see beyond our loss...
Entering Adulthood
What is the deeper significance behind the Jewish adolescent rite of passage? Insights . . . Resources and tools . . . Special milestones.
The inner meaning of pidyon haben
Who would ever even consider keeping the money instead of their precious child, G‑d forbid? But when you think about it, we can—often without even realizing it—sacrifice everything, even our child, for some silver . . .
Coming of Age
A child is a child. Perhaps bright and knowledgeable—yet still lacking the maturity that distinguishes the adult from the child. Around the age of 12 for a girl, 13 for a boy, that sense begins to kick in.
A Three-Year-Old Jewish Boy's First Haircut
For the first three years of life, children absorb their parents’ love. Then, their education takes a leap—they are ready to produce and share their unique gifts. For a Jewish boy, this transition is marked with a haircutting ceremony—an “upsherin” (also ...
A Boy's First Haircut
At the age of three, children’s education takes a leap—they are now ready to produce and share their unique gifts. For a Jewish boy, this transition is traditionally marked with a haircutting ceremony.
Skills to Successfully Parent Your Child
About this Blog Just about every career requires prior course training, and often some work-related experience. Becoming a parent can be one of the most responsible positions we undertake, yet most of us do so unprepared and without any prior knowledge. W...
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