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Chitat (18)
It’s not enough to fulfill the everyday mitzvahs to be a committed Jew, rather it’s equally crucial to study Torah each day as a central part of life.
The Jewish calendar and its festivals endow the passing days and seasons with a cycle of significance prescribed by Jewish law.
Life Lessons from Parshat Bechukotai
A big focus of this Torah portion is the importance of Torah study, and all the many blessings it brings. This is a timely lesson in strengthening our commitment to daily Torah study.
Torah describes the symbiotic relationship between the sea-faring tribe of Zevulun and the scholarly tribe of Issachar. Zevulun supported the Torah study of Issachar, and shared in the merit of that study.
By the Grace of G‑d 15th of Teveth, 5721 [January 3, 1961] Brooklyn, N.Y. Greeting and Blessing: I received your letter of Rosh Chodesh Teveth, in which you ask for guidance in your efforts to spread the Torah and Mitzvoth. The best way to inspire others ...
I received your letter, in which you write about your general daily program, for your own studies as well as with others, etc.
Question: In addition to the daily prayers, I find that reading Psalms helps me feel close to G‑d, and I want to start saying them every day. Is there a custom as to which Psalms I should say when? Response: Psalms is certainly a powerful book. The Midras...
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