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Seder, the

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A three-part series about the mechanics, mindfulness, nuts and bolts of the Seder’s legal intricacies so that everything gets done right!
Watch a brief enactment of the fifteen steps of the Passover Seder.
I couldn’t help but feel her presence when her sister’s great-grandchildren called at the last minute and asked if they could join us for a festive meal. Of course! Come, come! You belong with us!
On the two-day observance of the holidays in the Diaspora
I know that in Israel the Seder is only celebrated on the first night. For the rest of us living outside of Israel, is the second Seder as important as the first, or is it just a custom?
Matzah, Maror and the 4 Cups talk about themselves, what they bring to the Passover seder, and their childhood experiences.
Then last year my husband and I tried something different. We decided to take the commandment of the Seder seriously. Tell it to your children. This wasn’t about us and our experience. This was about telling our children about who we are as Jews, what G‑d...
A Passover memory
One of the most important Jewish things parents can do for their kids is to foster a feeling of connection to the Jewish People. By helping our kids identify with other Jews early on in their lives, parents radically increase the chances that their kids w...
When your Passover table is filled with boisterous youngsters, the evening may feel longer than those infamous years of slavery in Egypt. Here is a guide of creative ideas for the frazzled parent seeking to inspire every kind of child...
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