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Moshiach's Meal

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Every year, in honor of Passover, members of the Baal Shem Tov’s household purchased a large quantity of new cups to be used for the duration of the holiday. Of course, following Jewish law, the glasses that were to be used would first be immersed in a mi...
In Nebraska, the celebration of Shabbat adds to the business palate
Once a year, Warren Buffett—known as the “Oracle of Omaha” for his investment choices and business acumen—holds an enormous event for company shareholders in his Nebraska hometown. It draws men and women from all over the world, though this year, there wa...
The message of Seudat Moshiach
My husband and I had been married for three and a half years, and we desperately wanted children . . .
Final Freedom
Our liberation was not yet complete. Not until the Sea of Reeds parted for us—and then crashed down to utterly destroy our Egyptian pursuers. Only then did we feel our chains fall away forever.
On transforming the belief in Moshiach into reality.
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