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Ego & Selfhood

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We are both slave and slavemaster simultaneously, where our inability to attain freedom is coming from within...
The Worship of Self
Is taking care of yourself an inherent value? The difference between "self-improvement" and "improvement of self."
The Worship of Entitlement
Do we deserve to be here? Or is our existence an unearned gift? A sense of entitlement is the idolatrous notion that "If I exist, then I must be important."
I stared at her intently as I drew closer and waited to see how she would react. Suddenly, the girl looked up, noticed my gaze, and put her hand up to her cheek, “I know, my face is really dirty, isn’t it?”
Are we kind because it feels good or because it's the right thing to do?
Reading Interpersonal Relationships: Part 2
Using Adam's creation as a model, the nature of the conscious ego's sense of separation from G-d and others is examined.
Can value judgments and scientific enquiry be compatible? Perhaps a more basic question is: how can science be effective without morals and value judgments at its foundation?
A trainable cat, a prince who thinks he’s a rooster, and a rebbe who digs up dirt.
My Lesson in Faith
I berated myself, did a self critique that led to assassination of my character and driving skills and I also bargained with G‑d. However, I never once praised Him or thanked Him for averting disaster...
Question: I'm struggling with the balance between being nice and being a doormat. Just yesterday, I allowed someone to intimidate me into not wearing a kippah in public. Afterwards, I felt bad and vowed to be tougher. I sure was. That night, I got upset a...
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