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Economy, The

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Editor's Note: Maimonides writes: "Maintaining a healthy and sound body is among the ways of G‑d's service, for one cannot understand or have any knowledge of the Creator if he is ill."Laws of Personal Development 4:1. And considering that exercise is esp...
The Psalms of King David - 34:11
Has G‑d given you enough money, health, and happiness? Discover the secret to unlocking abundant blessings in your life. Based on the verse (Psalms 34:11), “Those who seek the L‑rd shall lack no good.”
A Testimony to Divine Providence
As the sole support of six children, and in the middle of building our house, I couldn't afford any reduction in salary.
Pick a sport or an activity you enjoy. While many people ask which is the best activity to stay fit or to lose weight, I always suggest finding the activity you like because it is easier to stay committed...
What is the Jewish attitude towards money and making a livelihood? What economic system does the Torah advocate? What are our responsibilities as a community?
The struggle and the lesson
I have a confession to make. Several years ago, when I went bankrupt, I was too embarrassed to tell you my story . . .
It seems that the old adage “money can’t buy happiness” has some truth to it. Although wealth has as much as tripled over the past fifty years, mental illness has increased at an equal rate.
Re'eh Parshah Report
Itche, Jono, and all of their friends act out different ways of giving charity.
Israel National Radio
Can we assuage the fear that comes with the seeming financial insecurity? Learn how to sail smoothly through the choppy waters of the current global financial tsunami.
You have a new job now. Your job is to get a job...
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