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Tevet 10 (Fast)

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The Tenth of Tevet is a fast day commemorating the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem which led to the destruction of the First Temple. It is therefore the first of the four fastsThe other three are 17 Tammuz (the day the walls of Jerusalem were breached...
Support for Jerusalem
“The Essence of this Day” The fast of the Tenth of Teves is marked by a halachic stringency greater than that of all the other commemorative fasts. When any of those fasts fall on Shabbos, they are postponed to the following day. If, however, the tenth of...
When faced with a tragedy we mourn. But we also ask ourselves: what positive element lies buried within this negative experience? We cannot always see it. But we always look for it
a historical background
A historical perspective on the events that led up to the destruction of the Holy Temple
To our limited vision, it seems that the days commemorated by fasts are sad, lonely days. But the Rebbe explains that when Mashiach comes things will be revealed in their true reality. And then we will see that these days were not as bad as they seemed. O...
The Tenth of Teves is a communal fast day, commemorating the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem in the era of the First Beis HaMikdash, the Holy Temple. It’s true that the tragic nature of the events commemorated by other fasts; the breaching of the wall...
The killers are driven by hate, the pundits and politicians by vanity and naiveté; together, they would rip the heart of Israel from its body
The Tenth of Teves commemorates the siege of Jerusalem, the beginning of a series of events that lead to the eventual destruction of the Holy Temple and the Jews’ captivity in Babylonia.
The Fast of Gedaliah, 10 Tevet, Fast of Esther, and 17 Tammuz
It is a mitzvah, ordained by the prophets, to fast on those days on which tragic events occurred to our forefathers.
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