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Passover and Our Lives
This skirt has always managed to come with me, from home to home and move to move. I hadn't been able to give it away in the past. It represented the size that I used to be, the size that I tell myself I'll be again...
“You take on way too much.” Jab. “You can hardly cope with what you have.” Jab-jab. “You’re hanging by a thread, Girlfriend.” Uppercut. “You are failing.” Ouch . . .
Seeing the Jews living away from the limelight of the Nile and missing out on all the fun, Pharaoh decides to include them in the bounty of Egypt. When his plan doesn't work, he is enraged...
Pharaoh's critical mistake was a failure to understand Joseph and his people
You have to admire that guy. One plague, two plagues, they just kept coming... But he stayed the course
Why didn’t Pharaoh release the Israelites?
How was Pharaoh punished for refusing to free the Israelites, if G‑d hardened his heart, making him immune to the plagues?
The Zohar teaches that the power to oppose G‑d comes conversely from G‑d himself
Is it fair to punish Pharaoh, if his refusal to recognize G‑d is forced upon him -- by G‑d Himself? Doesn't G‑d grant free will?
If not for the frog, says the Midrash, how would the Almighty take retribution against Pharaoh? Why does the Midrash single out the frog when there were nine additional plagues?
The royal bar-tender, who brings the liquid that wets a parched throat, represents the linkage of spiritual "water" (the source of mind) and "fire" (the source of emotions)
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