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Bat Mitzvah

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Question: My son is turning thirteen in January of next year. My daughter will become twelve two months later. We would like to have a joint celebration for their bar and bat mitzvah. Can either my son’s bar mitzvah be delayed, or can my daughter’s bat mi...
“You get a comfortable salary, full health benefits, free daycare and spa privileges, 31 days annual paid vacation. You have no duties and responsibilities—you don’t even have to come to work.” Would you want this job?
14 Tammuz, 5749 • July 17, 1989
An audience with overseas visitors, Bar Mitzvah boys and Bat Mitzvah girls, and grooms and brides.
Chayale Mendelsohn celebrates her bat mitzvah with friends from near and far
Twelve-year-old Chayale Mendelsohn recently celebrated her bat mitzvah in her hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyo., which is better known for wild elk and exhilarating skiing than Torah study and Shabbat candles. Vivacious and articulate, Chayale is a chip off ...
Goldie Shuman was born with FD, a rare genetic disorder, and lives by the grace of G-d and a team of medical professionals. Watch and be inspired by her incredible bat mitzvah speech.
She’s a Jewish woman and she’s proud of it, and it is and will be her decision to choose. What is she choosing? A life of connection and purpose that also tells you a way to act, a way to dress, a way to speak, a way to live.
A bar mitzvah celebrates a Jewish boy’s entry into adulthood, and a bat mitzvah marks a Jewish girl’s entry into adulthood. Bar/bat mitzvah etiquette can vary greatly, but here are some etiquette tips that will work for most bar/bat mitzvahs you will atte...
Donating 250 backpacks for teens with disabilities, and then delivering them in person
Some people go the extra mile. In 12-year-old Tanya Andrusier’s case, she literally traveled many extra miles for a cause that’s important to her. At a recent ceremony at a military base in Israel, the resident of Bal Harbour, Fla., gave 250 backpacks to ...
(aka, ‘Confessions of a Sleep-Deprived Mom’)
Just between the two of us . . . after all the money your father and I spent on this event, it had better be fabulous!
When I was younger, I thought that being a bat mitzvah meant having a party...
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