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Mind and Heart

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Finding the Mind, Body and Soul Connection
Welcome to the World of Graphology and join us on a magical mystical journey where a new understanding of how one writes can lead to spectacular insight and understanding not only of self but others too.
Actually there are two hearts: the outer heart, forever chasing whatever looks good to it and barking at whatever looks like a threat; and an inner heart, where the fire of the soul burns in serene simplicity
Chabad is an acronym for chochmah, binah and daat, which are commonly translated as wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Learn the mystical meaning of these three intellectual soul powers.
In potential, every event occurs some six billion times, experienced uniquely by every person who becomes aware of the happening. In a sense, we don't share a world; we each have our own.
What gets me about Schwartz is that he ain't stupid. He has brains, but all he does with them is tickle his own brains. Schwartz' brain stands outside life peering in, like a surgeon examining a cadaver...
Episode XXIV: Feivel Goes Wacko
Train your heart to be mindful, even when it's going wild
Episode XXII: Walking Your Heart
Rabbi Infinity’s new mechanical pet, Feivel 3.2, is controlled by a mind-wave interface.
Kabbalah Toons: Episode XVI
Keep your head in the sky…and feet firmly on the ground.
Rabbi Infinity teaches the meditation of all meditations—one that might just save your life.
I know that we put these black boxes on our head and our arm next to our heart, but other than that, I have no idea what they are about. Do you have an explanation for what Tefillin are?
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