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Light & Darkness

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Illuminating the Month of Kislev
So “hitting rock bottom” is not the worst thing after all . . . it is only once we reach the bottom that we can actually be present to the new reality we are faced with. Only when we become present to a reality can we begin to mov...
In Memory of Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg
We cannot change what has happened. But we can determine how we react to this tragedy. Please think about what you can do to bring more light to this darkness. Please share below what you are doing in memory of the Mumbai victims and for Gavriel and Rivka...
Dealing with Life's Peaks and Valleys
Life is filled with peaks and valleys. Some days everything goes well and those are the peaks, whereas other days are valleys when nothing seems to work.
We can't control the issues we face in life. But we can set the perspective.
A rooster crows at the beginning of each day, some time before it gets light. When it senses that dawn will break soon, and light is on the way to substitute the darkness, he emits the crowing noise...
As opposed to the other nine plagues, the Plague of Darkness didn't cause any tangible harm. What then was the inner meaning of this unique plague?
I bought the paints, the brushes, a book, some canvases, and the table easel, went home and cleared off the dining room table and set everything up. There it sat for about two weeks. I walked by it. I peered at it. I arranged it. I examined it...
"Look there, Mommy!" It is mid-afternoon and Sara Leah and I are strolling along the sidewalk. "Yes, honey, I see it. It's a shadow." "It keeps moving." She's pointing and gesticulating. "And, there's you, Mommy." She's pointing again. "But what is a shad...
Why do Jewish holidays begin at nightfall? For example, Purim starts this Monday night, and is over Tuesday night, and that is considered one day.
Question: If you look at Genesis, you will see that G‑d created light on Day One. However, Scripture also says that G‑d created the sun, moon, stars, etc. on Day Four. So what was this light then that was created on Day One? Answer: The Talmud Chagigah 12...
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