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Public Menorahs

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The Chanukah Lights are expressly meant to illuminate the “outside,” symbolically alluding to the duty to bring light also to those who, for one reason or another, still walk in darkness...
Furthering Muslim Morocco’s long-standing history of ‘peace and tolerance’ towards Jews
History was made in Muslim Morocco on Sunday evening when for the first time ever, two prominent government officials attended the Jewish community’s Chanukah festivities. Said Ahmidouch, the wali of Casablanca-Settat region, and Rachid Afirat, the govern...
A Chabad rabbi and rock-music promoter Bill Graham started a trend that would change the Jewish world
On a blustery first night of Chanukah in 1975, more than 1,000 Jews crowded into San Francisco’s Union Square to witness the first giant public menorah-lighting in modern history. Forty-four years after this unprecedented show of Jewish pride and observan...
Bringing the light of Chanukah to the darkest of places.
Become an expert on this widely celebrated but barely understood Jewish festival.
Do you know when the first public menorah was lit?
5775 - 2014
Live satellite link-up of menorah lightings in three major cities on three continents. This French program is based out of Paris, and will hook-up with menorah lightings in Israel and New York.
December, 2014 – American Friends of Chabad-Lubavitch
Highlights of the 2014 National Menorah Lighting ceremony in Washington, D.C., including an address by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.
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