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Action; Deed

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Thoughts About Slogans
Recently, the slogan, "If you see something, say something!", which motivated a Times Square street peddler to alert the authorities, has received much prominence. Jewish tradition has taught this idea all along...
In anticipation of Sinai, the Jews spent weeks finding their best selves and reshaping their perspectives on life. But, as they approached that sacred ground, they needed the strength for another step.
What happened to “once a believer, always a believer”? Two hundred years the Jewish people held on to their faith, and suddenly, just because things got a bit worse, all is gone?
Isn't it better to do less of the obligations but with a fuller heart, than to fulfill them with an unenthusiastic heart?
Haazinu Parshah Report
Rabbi Kadoozy astounds the scientific community with this rare satellite footage of planet earth.
The flame represents Torah study (knowledge) and the wick stands for mitzvot (action). The knowledge of morality and spirituality becomes the shining light that guides and illuminates our existence...
The small cruse of oil
Feeling enslaved by your busy schedule? Yearning for inspiration? The story of a small cruse of oil and a message on how to find greater meaning in your life.
My children's reaction to a terrorist attack made me wonder--can any of us really make a difference?
I walked past a bus stop just as a bus pulled over and opened its doors for me. “No, thank you,” I shouted to the driver, “I’m just walking. I don’t want to get on the bus.” “I know,” he replied, “I see you every morning. I just wanted to let you know tha...
In a moment of optimistic determination, I signed up for a membership to a fitness center. Over the last several weeks, I've learned about different muscle zones that I never knew existed...
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