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When those piercing sobs arouse in us the same feelings of madness and utter helplessness which we experienced as children, it is time for some inner repair work. Take a minute to recall feeling out of control as a child. How did your parents deal with yo...
A child’s unbridled anger causes parents to feel helpless, and a parent may begin to question him/herself and wonder who is really in control in this house...
How to Listen to what Your Heart is Feeling
In reality, the seed of pain becomes the seed for growth. When you discard the pain, you throw away the information it can give you...
She's calm, with both hands firmly on the wheel. His free hand gesticulates wildly out the window, punctuating the expletives pouring from his mouth. He's fuming. She's oblivious. I'm tickled.
How to respond to rage
When a spouse expresses anger, a peace-seeker can learn not to catch the emotion. An excellent strategy is to respond to someone's rage with sincere interest and curiosity...
"Don't tell me how to raise my children!" he shouts at her. Clearly, she hasn't yet cured him of his tendency to raise his voice. He's now yelling at her, as well as the children...
Are you in control of your life? Or have you lost control? Instead of guiding your emotional response, does the anger actually control you?
And that is when I lost it. I felt my anger contracting my soul in order to make more room in my body to hold it...
Sometimes we mistakenly believe that negative behavior or language is only problematic when it hurts someone else. We think that we have a license to behave as we wish, as long as we keep it to ourselves.
Gmail has recently introduced a new feature called "Mail Goggles." Google hopes that this new test-phase feature will save its users "angst" in preventing email regret.
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