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Soviet Union, The (Former)

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A win-win for everyone, building Judaism and community in Ukraine
Communists forbade them to study Torah; now, their children are teaching Torah to a new generation. The parents of Zalman Antomonov, Efraim Kolpak and Michoel Manochin once lived under an oppressive Soviet regime. They could never have imagined that one d...
A monumental effort with commentaries is launched with the first three volumes
The 63 tractates of the Talmud were not allowed to be printed in the Soviet Union even once during the 70 years of its existence. An amalgam of Aramaic and Hebrew, the ancient text contains the teachings and opinions of hundreds of rabbis on the widest va...
May God grant you good tidings to report from every place you visit. If Judaism can flourishing under oppression in the USSR, how much more so should it flourish here. Those who are here; who don’t face all these challenges, should hear it from you.
World War II had finally come to an end. My family was back from Siberia, where we had spent most of the war years . . .
The untold story of the secret Chabad underground in the former Soviet Union
Precious little is known of the tremendous devotion and self-sacrifice of Chabad activists in upholding Judaism against the oppressive Communists’ ruthless stamping out of religion. Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie shares fascinating insights and anecdotes to illustr...
We are getting ready for the New Year at school. There is a huge Christmas tree in the auditorium, decorated with balls and garlands. During the day we practice for the end-of-year concert, where I play a “snowflake”—just like all the other Russian girls....
A story of Jewish life at ‑43° F
The moment they got off the airplane, a heavy snowfall began. They thought it was a blizzard, but it was just their first small taste of winter in Siberia.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Yankel, a rabbi from the town of Zhuravitz, had made the 1,200-kilometer journey to bring some much-needed holiday cheer.
Russian Jewry in the Geo-Theological Imagination of Chabad
The founder of Chabad was imprisoned by the Tsar in 1798 and 1801, but yet took a patriotic stance in the war of 1812. In Soviet Russia, intense persecution forced Chabad underground and its center eventually moved to the United States. Nevertheless, Chab...
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