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Joy; Happiness

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From the corner of my eye, I noticed the "Snapple Fact" printed beneath the bottle's cap, and for a reason I'm still unsure of, I took a moment to read the following piece of trivia...
At a mental health awareness event a few years ago, I heard a man describe his suicide attempt, in which he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Few who have made that 220-foot jump have lived to tell their stories. But this man was one of ...
In this painting I depict human positions that express joy.
Artist’s Statement: Putting feeling into our actions, and the way we serve G-d, is an incredibly important element of fulfilling any mitzvah. Do we merely serve with actions, or do we put our thoughts and emotions into giving these mitzvahs further substa...
By Bella Tonini
Artist’s Statement: Happiness and levity go hand in hand when one meditates about the beauty of nature and all we have to be grateful for.
By Israel Noach Sauer
Artist's Statement: Chassidic thought teaches that despite the harshness of some of the laws, we need to view the positive within them, and enjoy the boundaries the Torah sets.
Ready for a quiz? I selected a few quotes from recent campaign speeches by the two presidential candidates. Can you guess who said what?
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