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It had always seemed to me that, for most of us, many of the Torah’s laws restricting relations between the sexes are a sort of collective punishment for the sins of a few. But recently my perspective has changed . . .
Everyone is entitled to their weaknesses. We work on overcoming them. But you have to respect the space that others create around themselves. Morality says: when you see a weakness in someone, don't take advantage of it. Respect it, go around it, don't di...
Growing Weekly: Parshat Ki-Teitzei
By Rivka Cyprys
Artist's Statement: Breaking out of the shakles of this physical world. Like fish in water we know there is only one way to survive, and there is only one truth, G-d. It's not a burden, but the greatest of joys. It's not about negating this world, it's ab...
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