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Faith; Belief in G-d

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Question: As long as human beings have thought and questioned, the principal of doubt has been central to progress in reason. All the more so in the modern era, post-Descartes, Spinoza and Hume. Our tradition explains how Abraham came to his faith on his ...
I know that there are many logical proofs for the truth of Judaism. But at the end of the day, how do you know that yours is the right way? What makes you so sure?
The statement, “I believe there is a G-d,” is meaningless. Faith is not the ability to imagine that which does not exist. Faith is finding relevance in that which is transcendent.
Maybe G‑d is just a comforting thought?
I realize that I don’t like this idea of one day not being here anymore. Perhaps G‑d and the eternity of life are just constructs of our mind to protect itself from that which it can’t handle?
Question: I've always had a problem with faith. I try to go to shul. I learn Torah. But after a while, I always get depressed because I just lose my faith that this is all real. I desperately try to regain my faith all the time but to no avail. Please hel...
We cannot accept the cowardly theology that G-d is not responsible -- that anything that happens in the world that doesn't mesh with our idea of His goodness is just an amoral and indifferent act of nature...
If evil had some explanation that we understood, would we be as outraged as we are now in the face of its incomprehensibility? Would we abhor it as much, would we fight it as vehemently?
Since there's no way to know anything with certainty about anything in existence, how can we know that G-d exists? All the evidence is from a "reality" that we have know way of knowing exists at all!
No matter how many times I write "G-d", the spell-check on the computer has no idea what I mean...
Question: I recently watched an interview with Sir David Attenborough, who considers himself an agnostic. When asked whether his observation of the natural world has given him faith in a creator, he responded: "When Creationists talk about God creating ev...
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