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Jeremiah (4)
For the First Day of Shavuott, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
The haftarah for the first day of Shavuot See Zohar Chadash, parshat Yitro, where we learn that Ezekiel had his vision on Shavuot. is Ezekiel’s vision of the Divine Chariot. Ezekiel 1:1-28, 3:12. We are told that at the Giving of the Torah (which Shavuot ...
For an informed reading of Jeremiah 7:21–28, 9:22–23
The prophet admonishes the people who, while possibly observing the command itself, were taking it totally out of its desired context.
For the haftarah of Pinchas, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
The haftorahJeremiah 1:1-2:3. of the first week of the Three Weeks is read either with parshat Matot (when it is read alone) or with Pinchas (when it is within the Three Weeks). Because we are now in The Three Weeks—the darkest and saddest time on the Jew...
We can glean inspiration or guidance from the story of G‑d's reassurance to a frightened Jeremiah
We can glean inspiration or guidance from the story of G‑d's reassurance to a frightened Jeremiah
In Judaism, leadership is not a luxury but a necessity. Ours is a small and intensely vulnerable people. Inspired, we rise to greatness. Uninspired, we fall.
Tisha B’Av and the Book of Eicha
In the book of Eicha – authored by Jeremiah the prophet – the letter Lamed in the verse “Let it not befall you...” is written small. This symbolizes Jeremiah's role, and by extension every Jew, to be a light unto the nations.
The common misconception is that the Book of Lamentations, which mourns the destruction of the first Holy Temple and the ensuing exile of the Jewish nation, was written in reaction to those tragic events.
An Essay on Noach
Ascending in holiness is not a simple matter. It involves an intrinsic danger, to which Noah fell prey. When one is occupied with a world that is entirely holy, he lives in it alone, and he is liable to forget that there are other people that exist in the...
A biblical history of the Jews
Concluding our lessons on the Jewish kings, this lesson covers the last kings of Judah from the reign of Hezekiah until the final king, Zedekiah, in whose time the First Temple was destroyed.
An Introduction to the Three Weeks
This class begins with a history of the three-week period of mourning for the Destruction of the Holy Temple and continues with an analysis of a prophecy of Jeremiah that hints to the future transformation of "bitterness into sweetness."
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