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The predictable stereotypes involving Jews and money are popping up all over: that Jewish tradition allows dishonesty as long as people live otherwise pious lives. Nothing could be further from the truth...
Hypocrisy is not always a bad thing
Honesty is a great virtue, but there are exceptions to this rule. Prayer is a prime example.
In a political culture where votes are cast based on party policy rather than personal conviction, where more often than not an opinion is based simply on the fact that the opposing party holds otherwise—one person stands out as a beacon of light.
The squire asked Shmuel to bring the priceless diamond he had inherited from his parents. All the guests waited breathlessly to behold this rare, precious gem . . .
Upon hearing the verdict of the beit din, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman turned pale. Never in his life did he imagine that he would be required to take an oath in court!
Question: My wife recently mentioned that for the sake of maintaining marital peace and harmony its okay to "modify" the truth, just to avoid arguments and fights. She feels that it's not worth it to get into arguments over trivial issues, so it's better ...
I have found someone I could marry, but there is a large block in the road. I am best friends with his sister, who has been involving me in a lie regarding a man she has been dating. If her brother finds out, I could lose this very special relationship...
My son has started a streak of lying. He tells me he does things and then I find out that he didn't. I want him to understand that lying is unacceptable...
I have always been intrigued by the traditional way in which diamond merchants seal a deal. They shake hands and say “Mazel and Brocha” (“good fortune and blessing”). Once those few words have been said, the deal is done and it has all the power of a lega...
It's fascinating to note that somehow the Talmud was able to get wind of the actual questions we will be asked by the supernal tribunal, when we stand before it to give a "full justification and an accounting" for the way we lived our lives
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