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Giving of the Torah

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Torah (11,104)
Just how do you propose to run a nation if not modeled on the cosmic pyramid?
Many claim to know what happened millions of years ago. Yet regarding what took place only over 3320 years ago, the giving of the Torah by G‑d, doubt is raised. If you’re in doubt, here’s something to consider.
A Taste of Text—Yitro
The gateway to tolerance is humility; but humility must be tempered with healthy and guarded self-assurance.
The pages of history are full of examples of artists and composers with genuine talent who were disregarded during their lifetimes.
Didn’t G‑d give Moses the Torah while he was on top of Mount Sinai away from the rest of the Jews who were waiting down below? Isn’t this similar to the stories of Jesus and Mohammad, because no one was actually there to verify that anything was unequivoc...
Reading the Bible, one is struck by the fact that its most monumental event, the transmission of the Ten Commandments, turn up twice. If the event happened once, why tell it twice?
Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t the holiday in which we received the many laws of the Torah have some laws of its own?
In anticipation of Sinai, the Jews spent weeks finding their best selves and reshaping their perspectives on life. But, as they approached that sacred ground, they needed the strength for another step.
G-d certainly knew of the travel magazines’ “100 best locations to vacation,” of the beautiful beaches of Maui and the majestic Alps. Why, then, was the Torah given in a hot desert in middle of the summer?
If G‑d was trying to give His best credentials to His newly acquired nation, why would He choose to mention the exodus? Isn't the creation of the heavens and earth a far greater feat?
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